Friday, February 27, 2009

the thrill is still brand new!

Can I still say how much I love Boz Scaggs? Vee downloaded our favorite album, the one we had on vinyl (ugh, that sounds so UNBEARABLY hipsterish--we didn't look for it ON VINYL, we happened upon the record one day in a thrift shop back in college and bought it), "Down Two Then Left."

I dare you to play this song:

Now, didn't you find yourself grooving back and forth in your seat?


I worked my head off on the seventeen blog last night--stay patient, devotees, it WILL return at midnight sharp on the 1st of March! I think my favorite part of writing that blog is allowing myself to return to my obsession with self during my teen years--when everything was SO IMPORTANT and SO DRAMATIC and everything that REMOTELY happened to me was SO POIGNANT AND IMPACTED ME!

That, and reviewing articles that had subconsciously found their way into my psyche, and when I read a line and realize that IT WAS THE FOUNDATION FOR WHY I THOUGHT __X__. Terrifying how strong the print media was on my developing self. OH, PRINT MEDIA! It's all going to be internet-based for Kiddokabiddo, isn't it?

So: later today, Vee, Kiddokabiddo, and I are going to be flying the snow-friendly skies to the Vee Homeland for a long weekend. Wish us luck with Kiddokabiddo's poor little ear pressure. When Vee woke her up this morning (STTN! Bless her!) for her morning feeding, she was sleeping ON HER STOMACH! This baby has been rolling like crazy for the last two days, but to find her ON HER STOMACH? Asleep?

This urban warrior's got to get back to packing. See you on Monday!

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