Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Day in Bullets

  • Nursed the Kiddo at 6:30am; was both too early to get up, and too late to sleep in, so I laid there and pretended I was getting some REM for about twenty minutes

  • Worked and avoided coffee since I had a headache

  • Said "F THIS HEADACHE, I NEED COFFEE" and compensated by drinking extra water

  • IMed with grammagoose, looked at Seattle-area vrbos for our trip this summer

  • Got Kiddokabiddo up, nursed, read "The Nanny Diaries" again, fed her winter squash bits and reveled in her motor control as she picked each piece up between her finger and thumb

  • Met a mom friend at Whole Foods and ate a chimichanga, a slice of tomato-and-cheese quiche, and a small salad while comparing our 8.5 month old daughters favorably to one another

  • Worked, nursed, cajoled Kiddokabiddo into saying "Hi-ma-ma" and gleefully recorded said event on her calendar

  • Showered when Vee got home, changed immediately into pajamas

  • Ate steak for the fifth day in a row

  • Worked, working, will work again tomorrow!


Emily said...


I was fully expecting a little "Hey there, Auntie Em" action!

Emily said...

p.s. I request pics of Kiri and her new Christmas toy.
Thank you.

Rando said...

You have a great life!

momtrina said...

steak for the FIFTH day in a row???