Monday, February 9, 2009

shots and "cots"

Another late blog; long day.

I took the Kiddo to the doctor's office today for her first shots. It's true, you're reading this right: she's 8 months and getting her first shots.

"What about the CDC RECOMMENDATIONS, you child endangerer!"

I'm not going to get on a rant/defense about whether or not Jenny McCarthy's kid got autism from the MMR shot or whether herd immunity is vital to our well-being as a nation or whether unvaccinated kids should be segregated from everyone else to protect the vaccinated kids (this makes no sense to me; if the kids are vaccinated, HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GET SICK FROM SOMETHING AN UNVACCINATED CHILD "MIGHT" HAVE?). The point is: Vee and I decided not to vaccinate the Kiddo until now, and that's because we're going to be flying to the Vee Homeland at the end of the month, and we wanted her protected from the influenza variants that lead to meningitis.

So she got her HIB and Pc shots today, and my little trooper was just fine.

Until we got home, and Vee realized she was getting a second tooth. I think this one really hurts her, because she was fussy ALL NIGHT. "Fussy" isn't the right word for it--more like "petulant" because unless I was holding her, STANDING UP (this kid has a radar for the instant you sit down and starts screaming--WHY?! Her center of gravity is the EXACT SAME!). Which made it a little hard for me to get my evening work done.

Today was a rainy day, which was actually awesome since it rinsed away what was left of the snow, and all our bleached-out bare grass is belly up. CRAZY WIND TOO! I love living on the prairie, and I love our wind-whip, but I couldn't set the Kiddo's diaper bag on the trunk of the car without it BLOWING OVER when I was at the ped's today. SHEESH!

In other news, I got our TAX RETURNS DONE LAST NIGHT. Oh my effing GOD! The last two years, Vee and I have paid someone to do them because our "tax situation" was complicated. This year, after being advised otherwise by our financial advisor (who told us, straight up, that when clients ask him to do their returns, he feels bad taking money because he just plugs the numbers in TurboTax), I decided to tackle them on my own.

I used to ALWAYS do my taxes myself. I am not an econ person, but I know how to manage our budget, so I figured I CAN DO THIS!

And two state returns and one federal return later (interspersed with my cries of "WE ARE NOT PAYING MICHIGAN MORE TAXES! We only lived there for FOUR MONTHS THIS YEAR!" and then my sheepish glee when I realized I had forgotten to add an important number that wound up giving us a refund rather than owing), WE'RE DONE!

Relocating, having a bambina, and buying a house made us PRIME CANDIDATES FOR THE CASH, and we are getting such a huge refund, Vee and I decided we should go bougie-bedroom-set hunting. Mainly because OUR BED IS STILL ON THE FLOOR (not even a bed frame). It's shameful.

Here's the dank we're considering.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Bouge it up and get two of the tall dressers + the headboard/bed frame, or just get the bed frame and find "eclectic" dressers on our own time? Vee and I are split on this.

IS A BEDROOM SET TOO BOUGIE FOR US? (is THIS bedroom set bougie?)


Emily said...

I really like the dresser, but I can't see the details in the dresser. LINK?

grammagoose said...

first - this is how i learn the babe got shots - you don't tell me????

second - do the bedroom set, you deserve it! and it's really nice!