Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vitamin D

No one wants to weigh in on the bedroom set? Ok, dudes--bye bye tax refund, hello personal economic stimulus donation!

It has been another beautiful, sunny day here in the prairie West. My screen door is open, and Kiddokabiddo and I have been taking brief jaunts onto our porch to just sit and marvel at the weather. Plus she's getting her vitamin D!

As the early morning light rolled in, I announced to Vee that, while I will concede that I would get tired of all the hot weather and lack of 4 seasons if we lived somewhere like southern Arizona, I'm pretty sure that I would NEVER get tired of the constant sun.

I really don't have much for today. Vee is working late, and when he gets home, I will be heading out to pick up the following items:
  • Cheerios (the Kiddokabiddo can apparently start eating these, which should be hilarious to watch)
  • New sleepwear (the Kiddo is outgrowing her footie sleepers)
  • Teething biscuits
  • A humidifier (we murdered our last one by using our hard water; even though the directions SPECIFICALLY SAY to use distilled water and to clean it every other day, I thought THAT WAS JUST BEING RIDICULOUS. Fast forward to two nights ago when I opened the humidifier to add more water and found a gross orange film dried all around it, coupled with lime deposits. Sorry, Kiddo--hope you were breathing ok!)
  • Distilled water.
Other tasks for the evening include:
  • Washing towels
  • Washing lights
  • Dyeing my hair
Maybe I would be doing myself a disservice to live somewhere with constant sun after all if all I am going to do is to spend my time WALKING AROUND INSIDE BOX STORES SPENDING MONEY instead of getting my vitamin D.

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Rando said...

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