Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shots and "TOTS!"

I had my physical today, and since I am thirteen years overdue (Really. Thirteen years. I know I have a tendency to exaggerate and toss random numbers into my stories for dramatic pause, but I really was thirteen years late) for my tetanus shot, I got the Tdap shot. A SHOT I HAVE DENIED MY DAUGHTER THUS FAR! (Actually, I have denied her the DTaP shot, which is different because the diphtheria and pertussis components in DTaP are stronger and more full-force than Tdap, and therefore more likely to overwhelm her little system)

It's on the way (probably at her 12 month appt).

Meanwhile, my UPPER ARM ACHES (typical reaction to Tdap) at the injection site! It's raw, dog! When I lift my arm over my head, I feel it! Can you believe we are supposed to get this stuff every 10 years? (OMG, I just realized that I DID exaggerate for drama--I am only THREE years overdue! DUH!)

Anyway, we also ramped up the Kiddo's 9 month appt for today since she's got a dumb rash at the back of her head that is getting worse. Poor little impetigo girl! Beyond that, she's doing great--right on HER schedule, which happens to be the FIRST PERCENTILE (on the CDC charts).

Tomorrow, we're going to THE ZOO since it's supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny! ONCE AGAIN: I LOVE MY FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULE!

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momtrina said...

i got a tetanus shot about a month ago (I too, was several years late getting it). I was expecting what you described, since EVERY other time I've had a tetanus shot I was miserable with a sore arm for days afterward.

The good news must be as we age, the tetanus loses it's punch on the arm the older we get!