Friday, February 20, 2009


CHILD UPDATE: My daughter knows how to say "Mama."

This is both an amazing feat (tot. ahead of schedule for our little preemie-by who is GESTATIONALLY SPEAKING only 7.5 months old since she joined us a month early) and a very painful one. Do you know how hard it is when the screaming cries of "I NEED MY DIAPER CHANGED" (formerly translated as "NAAAAAAA!") turns into a plaintive wail of "MAAAAAM! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!"?

It sucks.

On Wednesday, she actually repeated "Hi ma-ma" after me, which I immediately recorded on her calendar. Brilliant child! She knows her dad is da-da and will actually call him da-da; I wish I could say she CALLS me mama, but she really just says "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" all day.

I never thought I would be so "cool" with her knowing da-da before mama; I guess I read too many broken-hearted moms' tearful sagas of SPENDING ALL DAY WITH THEIR BABIES, and then THEY STILL CALLED OUT FOR DA-DA FIRST! It's TOTALLY FINE WITH ME, though. Kiddokabiddo is going through a strong MOMMY phase where she kind of, well, only wants to hang out with me.

Vee, she might know you as Da-Da, but when she needs a dipe change/burping, she'll always call out for MAAAAAAAAM!

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E. Langley said...

i would give anything for an "ERRRRRRRRRRRRRICCCCCCCCCCCCCCC" from my baby niece....