Monday, February 23, 2009


Holy crow, I don't know why I dare to say I am "evading mwom," because this weekend's activities have pretty firmly pressed me into the imprint of MWOM.

On Friday night, Vee and I took Kiddokabiddo to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. She had garbanzo beans, but I had my beloved cheese enchiladas. And a Corona. MOM LETS LOOSE ON THE WEEKEND, Y'ALL! What did I do with the rest of my night?

I WENT TO TARGET AND LOOKED FOR A CHAIR CUSHION REPLACEMENT for the janked up one I had bought earlier in the week.


We had a hoooooooooooooorrible night of non-sleep on Friday/Sat morning. Kiddokabiddo woke up SCREAMING her head off at 12:30am, 3am, 5:30am, and I had to nurse her down twice. This is only a big deal since she usually only eats at 6:30am, and the feedings were preceded by over 20 minutes of Vee trying to calm her yet NOT SUCCEEDING screaming. BRUTAL!

Yet, because we are nothing if not tenacious, Vee and I went ahead with our Saturday morning plan of GOING TO THE HOME & GARDEN EXPO!

Some HGTV dude was supposed to be there, but we left before he went on stage. We ate cut-rate BBQ, milled around up and down the aisles with the SICKEST stupid commercial crap (AMAZING GARDEN SHEARS!) and their depressing shillers ("No need to crowd, folks, step on up," WHEN THERE WAS NO ONE AT THE BOOTH. DON'T LIE TO YOURSELF OR TO ME!).

Vee was delighted when we came across the Costco booth since we've been thinking of joining and the guy there gave us a form where, if we join, we were gonna get a $20 gift card immediately! Dank deal, considering that it's $50 for the year, so it would really be $30! (This is not the case; the $20 gift card only goes with the $100/year special membership, but we would learn this later) The Costco guy mentioned he was from Seattle, so Vee decided it was time to ask him about "where to stay" since we are going there this summer for Vee's best friend's wedding.


Ok, seriously, did Costco Guy think WE DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW/DO THAT? OBVIOUSLY Vee was looking for insider information, but all Costco Guy had for us were slams on Omaha ("OH MY GOD, you guys realize Seattle is 5 times the size of Omaha!?") and misinformed details about "SeaFair."

DO WE LOOK LIKE MWOMBECILES? I think we know what a "big" city is and I think that if Vee's best friend was getting married around SeaFair time, HE WOULD HAVE WARNED US.

Anyway, we also picked up info on and later rejected a milk delivery service, found out about cabinet refacing for our kitchen, got info on Buying Local (there are some dank CSAs that we're thinking about joining for the summer) and bought our zoo membership.

I was so OVER family time that I ducked out of the house on Sat night and went to see "The Reader" by myself. I'm not going to toss any spoilers on here, but it was almost infuriating because, if you know me, you know that I have a very hard time making a distinction between "this is just a movie I am watching unfold in front of me" and "this event is actually occurring and I have the ability to affect the outcome." And almost EVERY turn that I could see coming, I was clenching my toes and saying to myself, "Please don't let this happen the way I think it is going to happen." And it always did!

Sunday was our rendition of "My Very Bourgeois Weekend: How Much Can We Spend On Furniture This Time?" since we did indeed go buy the bedroom set I blogged about earlier. And a futon for the basement. For those of you keeping track at home, we have officially blown most of our tax refund/credit on:
  • a loveseat
  • a bed frame/headboard
  • two dressers
  • a futon
  • paying off my student loan

Paying off my student loan is actually pretty amazing, and when I clicked the button to send the cash over, I felt triumphant. I had overpaid on my loan payments from day 1, and I am proud to say that (with the aid of, um, tax credit and taking out more than we needed on Vee's student loans for MA school since his were government loans) we turned a 20 year repayment plan over in less than five years!

You want numbers? We decimated over $13,500 in five years.


(we still have Vee's MA school student loans, but undergrad is ALL GONE NOW!)

Flush with delight over our deals, we went on to Costco to check it out. Neither Vee nor I had ever been in a Costco before, but we were assured that it was BETTER THAN SAM'S CLUB (much kinder to their employees!) and WITH DEALS WE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO RESIST!

Well, we were able to resist.

Not only were the "deals" only good if you regularly consume a bag of 64 frozen taquitos (and even then, the per-piece breakdown is PRETTY EQUIVALENT to what you would pay in a normal store, esp. considering the yearly Costco joining fee), but Vee and I had an attack of conscience since we had just been reading the propaganda/discussing the joys of buying local after our visit to the CSA stand at the Home Expo.

Costco is not local, and buying at Costco felt like buying into an "American Life" we are not interested in living.

So I returned the 6 pack of orange juice to the freezer, we abandoned our cart with its giant-size box of Multi-Grain Cheerios, and walked out of the store hand-in-hand, Kiddokabiddo strapped to my chest in her Beco.

Maybe I evaded "mwom" a little bit.

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