Thursday, February 26, 2009

black is the new...strike that, black is never new.

When was the last time you took a critical look at your closet?

I'm actually not on a "spring cleaning" bend here; I mean when was the last time you thought about what your closet is comprised of?

I've been packing for our trip to the Vee Homeland, and while this is PROBABLY OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE WHO KNOWS ME OFF THE INTERNET, I realized that


When I vary from my favorite shade, it's to dark grays, dark greens, dark purples, and dark blues. Good night. I didn't realize MY WARDROBE WAS AS SOMBER AS IT IS! I was trying to get together an outfit to wear to Vee's second cousin's baby shower, and everything I was trying on was SUPER SOMBER and not at all "baby shower appropriate."

To be fair, I haven't hauled out the spring stuff yet (it's not QUITE that consistently warm here), but when I do, I know I'm going to find a couple of light green sweaters, and a couple of baby pink shirts.


I don't know what I am trying to accomplish with this--Goth Mom? "Black is the new skinny"? Or, God help me, is it the old "urban sophisticate" look I tried to cultivate back in fourth grade when I wore black knit stirrup pants, a black knit turtleneck, and these godawful black faux-leather ankle boots? CAN IT BE THAT I HAVE LEARNED NOTHING FROM THAT: THAT "BLACK" ALONE CANNOT MAKE ME APPEAR TO BE A SUAVE 30-SOMETHING INDEPENDENT NEW YORK CITY WOMAN?

Or, more frighteningly, is that still my desire?


Grace said...

Black is hard to problem is that it's the only color left on sale! If I would've bought the shirt at full price, I would have a gorgeous teal or ??? I will never know because I can't escape the sale rack.

E. Langley said...

i've got that problem with grey. not that i've meant to. the last three pieces of clothing that i bought were purchased in the deceptive mood-lighting of korean shops and were all initially believed to be a shade of brown which were frustratingly determined to definitely be grey or black in the sunlight shortly after purchasing.
just as well, as grey tends to go with everything. The only problem is that when you start wearing your grey sweater with greyish-black jeans and a grey-ish coat you start to look awfully uncreative.