Monday, February 2, 2009


It was a BIG WEEKEND at our house!

We woke up on Saturday morning to SUN, SUN, SUN and the promise of 50 degree weather! So I did end-of-the-month finances and found that we had some extra money, and we went on KIDDOKABIDDO'S FIRST TRIP TO THE ZOO!

Our zoo is awesome, and Vee and I haven't been since sometime in 06. The first time we ever went to this zoo was almost seven years ago to the day--we took a Valentine's Day trip back in 02 to our current hometown (our FIRST TRIP TOGETHER AS A COUPLE--we'd been together for 4 months. This was A BIG DEAL.) and, although it snowed like mad, we went to the zoo anyway. Kinda cool to be back there now, married, with our little daughter!

Kiddokabiddo loved it. She really likes her little penguin buddies at home. We have a soft terrycloth penguin ("Penguina") who's just the right size for our little 8 monther to carry around like a little buddy, and she frequently chews on Penguina's beak (in a loving way). One of Kiddokabiddo's favorite bath buddies also happens to be a penguin ("Pengy"). This is all hilarious because Kiddo's godmother has always been an avowed penguin hater (she's scared of them because THEY CAN'T BEND IN THE MIDDLE and are silent; two facts I never really thought about, but which are actually pretty scary).

We hung out downtown afterwards and got some ice cream (it got up to 58, y'all!) and then went grocery shopping. On Saturday night. These are the things you do when you are a parent, and it seems like a perfectly reasonable "Saturday night adventure."

On Sunday, I trapped Vee into washing our filthy cars even though it was only 40 degrees outside (it was SUNNY!), and then we went to our friends' house to watch the Boss crotch-slam us at half-time. ANYONE ELSE WANT TO WEIGH IN ON THAT?
We also discovered on Sunday that Kiddokabiddo's FIRST TOOTH IS COMING IN! Sharptooth is here! Bottom left incisor! Big girl! She also fell down and bumped her nose, so she got her first boo-boo on the same day. At least she didn't break her tooth!

Anyway, all in all, it was a big weekend for sure, and surprising because I usually get stuck in the winter doldrums in February. NICE WEATHER WILL ALWAYS BRING ME BACK TO MYSELF!


Emily said...

I can't believe the kid likes the penguins and you've given them names. This is all so wrong. One of my duties of spiritual guidance is to direct her to non-scary animals. I need to come to Omaha STAT and get to work!

grammagoose said...

i made a comment on the wrong date for this - but yeah, the crotch slide was totally gross