Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sent to the "principal's office" (also known as: neighborhood court)

Hey guys! Sorry I EVADED a post last night--we had just gotten back from our trip to the Vee Homeland and I was wiped.

And Vee was furiously shoveling the sidewalk since WE GOT WRITTEN UP for having failed to shovel the 3" of snow off "CITY PROPERTY" within 24 hours of snowfall.

We were out of town! Not an excuse!

I can only imagine what our immaculately-scraped-driveway-next-door-neighbor was thinking to himself. You've got to know this man--when we got 7" of snow the other week, he was out there MIDWAY THROUGH THE PROJECTED SNOWFALL shoveling the driveway. To what end? IT KEPT SNOWING, OF COURSE, and obliterated his work!

Anyway, the Kiddo's first plane flight was a success (can't say the same for her second plane flight, on the way home, when she fussed until I nursed her down. YES, I nursed her on the plane BOTH on the way there AND on the way home. This is why nursing at 9 months rocks: I don't know what the HELL I would have done if I couldn't have pacified her at the breast. For the record, we also nursed in the airport. GIT R DONE)

Our trip up north was great; Vee's parents babysat the Kiddo on Sunday night and Vee and I got to go on AN ADULT DATE! Oh yeah: I FORGOT ABOUT THOSE. We went to this hilariously expensive restaurant downtown which was, naturally, pretty abandoned, with it being Sunday night, in the Land of Recession. If you were going to bling it out and be seen at the place, you were def saving your dollars for Friday or Saturday night when others were around. Vee and I? We were just grateful for the alone time!

Our server upsold us on the wine (in the face of the Recession State we just traveled from, it would be uncouth to mention how much we paid. Let's just say: MORE THAN WE HAVE PAID FOR DINNER IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS) and I chowed down on tempura sushi while Vee had a noodle bowl. It was awesome! When we packed away the last of our ginger creme brulee, Vee drove us down into the Heart of Death and Destruction, where the recession has hit the hardest. Still such a beautiful city.

Unfortunately, Kiddokabiddo's little bacterial infection at the base of her neck hasn't gone away with the topical antibiotics, so tonight we had to give her her first oral antibiotics. Let's get that immune system weakening!

For a little self-promotion, if you're still distraught over my day-of-no-post yesterday, hop over and check out my other blog.

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