Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Furniture and Old El Paso


The kind boys at our furniture store delivered:

1 queen headboard/bed frame
2 tall dressers
1 futon

SHAZAM! Our bedroom looks like adults sleep here! So tell me why, after taking forever to afford/decide/pick out bedroom furniture and FINALLY getting it up, WHY is the only thing I can think "WE NEED TO REPAINT OUR WALLS!"


I solidly love our new furniture, though. Vee and I will be putting together the futon/frame after we put the Kiddokabiddo down to sleep tonight. Hopefully our basement will be INVITING ENOUGH TO GUESTS (who don't fit in the guest room. So, um, two sets of guests at the same time).

I ran to Target tonight to pick up some stupid little things (new razors, Zone bars, refried beans, beer: you know, the usual) and as I was checking out, the checkout guy commented on my refried beans by announcing, "Ah, I used to live in Old El Paso!" As I thought to myself, "Is there an OLD El Paso, or does he mean El Paso, Texas? Or DID HE LIVE IN THE PLACE WHERE "Old El Paso" REFRIED BEANS ARE MADE?" he quickly continued on his own narrative, exclaiming that "It was a lot sunnier there" and THEN! THEN! Checkout Guy started going into a routine about how "It was sunnier than Oregon. Not that I lived there, but they get a lot of rain there," and devolved into a self-taught lesson about weather.


I kept thinking this to myself as I murmured weather-related comments as he sacked my stuff. Because I was wearing a bright green pea coat which indicated I am a Duck Fan? (For the record, this is not true. My daddy might have a PhD from UofO, but we are BEAVERS TO THE CORE!) Because I "look like the sort of person who once lived in Oregon?" (A true fact, but not one easily betrayed by my mien)

Old El Paso. Oregon. Not even in the same general vicinity. And not anywhere near where we live.

Just curious.


E. Langley said...

ahh, refried beans. What a champ meal. You have no idea how much I miss real Mexican food. There's this taco joint near my work called Dos Tacos, but its more like a wrap than a taco or burrito. And you gotta pay for the damn tortilla chips!!! WTF?
Other than that, there's one other place to get Mexican, this TGIF-style chain store called On the Border, of which there are two in Seoul. $20 later you can have 3 enchiladas. I'm going to eat Mexican every night when i come back until the air in New Brighton is thoroughly polluted with my gases.
I'll leave you with that delightful thought.

Shawn said...

I love your banner Kris! How did you do it? The picture is great too. Did you take it?

Grace said...

Really great banner photo. I'd like to see pictures of your new improved bedroom...send em on down!

Rando said...

wut duh heck isa "mein"?