Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Winter snapped in my face today (ZERO DEGREES! How DARE IT?! It's MARCH! This sort of behavior I expected when we were in MICHIGAN, but not here!) so I didn't want to take the Kiddo out since her little eczema would get wind-whipped and chapped.

We stayed in, and I schemed of ways to change my house.

In particular, my kitchen.

I really don't like my kitchen. There's nothing "wrong" with it...except the fact that it was made in 1990 and is the farthest thing from ME that you could find. Oak cabinets with busted rubbed-off brassy handles, light blue countertop, mismatched black-and-white appliances, and white tile backsplash. Oh yeah, and wood laminate flooring.

What should my kitchen look like?

(taken from the kitchn)

Oh my God, I have been losing my head over this photo. THIS IS WHAT I WAS MEANT TO BAKE IN! (note that I do not say "cook." VEE COOKS, I BAKE)

I want the birch cabinets, the simple handles, the GREEN WALLS! I do not want the black countertop, but we can talk.

(taken from the kitchn)

I was also meant to live in this kitchen, mainly because WE HAVE THAT EXACT SILVER SHELVING UNIT IN OUR KITCHEN! Why did I not think of grouping colors cutely on it, TO SAY NOTHING of failing to hang pretty towels and HOOKS TO HANG MUGS?!

Finally, I am supposed to have this kitchen as well.

(taken, you guessed it, from the kitchn)

THE CEILING BEAMS! I am drooling and adoring. And loving the orange. The Kitchn is basically Cosmo for homeowners: filled with "new tricks" that you WANT to learn and WANT to be able to do, but know you have neither the energy nor the ingenuity to come up with your own.

HOPEFULLY I WILL CHANGE! I took off for Lowe's and came home with paint samples, which I am making Vee stare at until his eyes cross (and he's just trying to leave for an Open Mike Night. What is more important, hypothetical wall colors or LIVE MUSIC?). Next week, I hope I'll have some before-and-afters to show you!


Grace said...

I like the wainscoting in #2...also, #2 seems nice & airy & easy-to-do. Kitchn #1 is great too...I like aspects of #3, but it all seems like a bit much. Just this girls opinion!

kristine said...

Why am I not surprised that you like kitchen #2--it's from an apt in SAN FRANCISCO! :)

Grace said...

Hahaha...I am SO West Coast