Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Revel: BUSY, BUSY, BUSY

This past weekend was a birthday blitz for Vee! He turned 27 on Friday, and we celebrated by having dinner at our neighbor's house--don't worry, we observed Meatless Fridays. It was easy since THEY ARE VEGETARIANS! We had a great vegetable soup, and then I made Vee a H0MEMADE CHOCOLATE CAKE. With homemade frosting! No boxes, y'all!

Betty Crocker delivers!

Saturday morning, we headed down to our state's capital, home of the nearest Guitar Center, so that Vee could buy himself a birthday present: A NEW TRAVEL GUITAR! It was so nice we ended up staying there for the day, and I bought more new jeans with the Gap Friends & Family weekend deal. Which was neither for friends nor family, but for ALL HUMANS since they were handing out the "exclusive" postcard with the discount code on it at the store.

We churched it on Sunday, did a deep clean of the house, and then had friends over for dinner. BURGERS ON THE GRILL! Because it was amazingly nice out! Their daughter, who is 9 months older than Kiddokabiddo, was a guinea pig for how well our house is NOT babyproofed. She almost ran down the split entry stairs. And she taught Kiddo how to put the rings on the ring-stacker, and left behind two bounce-pit balls.

I tried to take the Kiddokabiddo to the zoo today since it was 75 and sunny, but that place was OVERRUN with families and elementary-school-age children since (I guess) school was out today. We went to Memorial Park instead and I did a lap, then came home and, for the first time, we went to the park that is caticorner from our house.

YES, FOR THE FIRST TIME! Hey, she's only NOW getting to be old enough to appreciate it!

We tried the baby swing, but she didn't care. And I held her and went down two slides, but she just looked up at me like "Why, Mom? Why do people do this?" So we came back across the street.

It has been really busy in our house the last few days as we prepare for Gramma Goose and Grampa PhD to come visit this weekend. They're going to help us paint our kitchen, breakfast nook, AND bathroom. And help us install new handles on the kitchen cabinets. And move and anchor another bookshelf upstairs.



Grace said...

V & T are on the same bday vibe...we went to Guitar Center for his 27th!

Rando said...

Ha! That's great, Grace! That makes me happy that someone else did that, too! My message to T: "The Song Remains the Same!" LED ZEP FOREVER!!! I got a Martin 3/4 guitar (a baby guitar)... what'd he get?

Grace said...

I think T would have the same message to you! I've definitely heard "Led Zep"...among other favs. He ended up with a Martin D35...Martins and Guitar Center...what are the odds?

katie said...

i can't believe you are having them paint after they just remodeled and painted their bathroom and bedroom ! meanies! i'm glad i'm missing out on that! it sounds like you guys had a good weekend ! i can't wait to see you guys again!