Monday, March 23, 2009

thrift tornado

This is why I was trying to blog every day: good night, it feels like I've got a million things to talk about.

I'll start by recapping Thursday.

After I blogged and worked, I took Kiddo out thrift-shopping at a couple of places. I figured that I would GET THE EDGE over the weekend-shoppers by going on Thursday; this may have been the case. My first stop was New Life Thrift, which has a "new life" by its location in one of those brand-new, 30%-filled, strip malls. Lots of crap like new "shampoo" and stuff that you get the feeling was offloaded by Big Lots, and it was manned by a fifteen year old and her mom. At 11:00am on a Thursday.

I found these two scarves:

Cost? $1 each, which is pretty jank by thrift store standards (they should have been MAYBE fifty cents a piece, but who was I to argue with a high schooler in a position of authority?).

At our second stop, Thrift America, I found this AWESOME cadre of cards (at a premium price of $0.28/each):

Need a closer look? I figured you would. Check out this masterpiece:

??? !!! ???

Furthermore, looking to congratulate someone on their reincarnation birthday? Have I got the card for you!


So, anyway, with my thrift store finds socked away at home, we got ready for my parents, Gramma Goose and Grampa PhD who came to visit us this weekend. That's a WHOLE SEPARATE POST since I have mad home improvement pics to show you.

Here's the teaser: kitchen, cabinets, bathroom, walls.

I've been cleaning up and still putting things back in their rightful positions today, but we got our first TORNADO WARNING OF THE SEASON at 5:15 this afternoon! Vee wasn't home yet, so I frantically called him to get his ass in gear.

March is a LITTLE early for this, but IT'S THE PAYOFF FOR WINTER-B-GONE!

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