Monday, March 30, 2009

Home Show: Stick Stickley & Pee Wee Herman

I was losing-my-mind delighted since our long-awaited Stickley loveseat was arriving on Friday. I say "long-awaited" because our mwomy asses special-ordered it back in February and since Stickley hand-builds each piece of furniture, we had to wait for some Upstate-r to whittle it. And upholster it.

I was bouncing off the walls when the delivery guys called at 9:10am and said they were on their way. I cheerily got the Kiddo up from her crib and met the doorbell.

To find the guy carrying two pillows upholstered in this:

If you know my style AT ALL, you will understand why I almost vommed and asked the guy, "Umm, that's not the upholstery on the LOVESEAT, is it?"

It was.

So I spent the rest of the morning cursing out Stickley, the furniture place, and our saleslady since I was unsure who was to blame for this FATAL ERROR. Customer service at the furniture place called me back and announced that IT WAS STICKLEY'S FAULT (???) and that new cushions were ordered. And would arrive in 2-3 weeks. So until then, we could keep the loveseat + cushions at our house.

I sighed and let the man bring it back.

So, with this placeholder installed in our living room, I started checking out the piece of furniture, because it's pretty nice lookin'. Look at that side paneling!

As I was examining the back, I stopped dead in my tracks.

IS THAT A DENT?! Yes, y'all, it was a dent.

I'm a pretty forgiving person. But not when I spend a huge chunk of my economic stimulus on a custom-built piece of furniture that comes with a dent I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO MAKE.

Upon deeper inspection along the bottom inside of the loveseat, I uncovered ANOTHER DIRTY SECRET:

No, not part of the "handmade" quality. A crack. A big crack. In the foundation of the piece.

Why was I so upset? Not only because MY FURNITURE WAS BROKE and MY UPHOLSTERY WAS WRONG, but because I knew IT WOULD TAKE ANOTHER 6-8 WEEKS TO GET A NEW ONE!

I fussed and fumed the rest of Friday night when Vee got home, and he went in to the furniture place today and talked to customer service. We're getting a replacement, thankfully. In 6-8 weeks.

BUT ON TO BRIGHTER HOME SHOW ITEMS which I have not talked about yet! (And NO, it's STILL not time to show off the kitchen or the bathroom paint jobs since there are just a COUPLE of little changes I still need to make before they're Home Show ready)

Tuesday night, I met Vee downtown at the antique mall to do a little browsing. We were still on the hunt for dining room chairs and other randoms. WHAT DID I FIND?

Herman. Miller. Eames. Chairs.

The exact color we needed. Four of them.

How much were they listed for? $145. FOR ALL FOUR.


Yes, these ones need reupholstering. Or just need the upholstery ripped off, since the base and frame are in good shape. But I COULDN'T PASS UP THE DESIGN, so off I sent Vee to buy them on Thursday night.

He came home with all four. AND ONLY PAID $100!

DEAL OF THE CENTURY! Or mid-century. HA HA.


Grace said...

Oh no they did NOT deliver your love seat with a dent AND with the wrong upholstery!

Hella cool deal on the chairs...I can't wait to see them IN PERSON in JUNE!!!!!

Emily said...

I would be RAGING on that love seat. Hope you've kept yourself calm. Glad Kev was dealing with the dumb furniture people. I make Dave deal with dumb people.

Rando said...

Vee speaks their language. Har har...