Thursday, March 5, 2009

All Original Photos!

I'm still working on my blog template; bear with me. I might be a tech girl at work, but I haven't had to work on HTML layouts before!

So you want to see the new bedroom stuff. I had to do a frantic clean since I had strewn my underwear all over the bed as I decided, "Hmmm, which drawer do I want to put this in? SO MANY OPTIONS!" It's sad when I am this excited about REARRANGING MY DRESSER DRAWER CONTENTS.

Without further adieu, for your peering pleasure:

Now, um, you know where I sleep.

Isn't the wood on those dressers/headboard FANTASTIC? Here's a close-up:

Geez, after showing you my bedroom, I now feel compelled to list all the changes we want to make. In no particular order...
  • repaint walls (I am thinking of a MOSSY GREEN or BRIGHT PINK. Thoughts?)
  • get wall art (I really want wall decals from Elephannie, particularly this or this)
  • new, non-total-light-eliminating blinds (this was TOTALLY my mistake--we had these gross light green ones left from the previous owners and for some dumb reason, EVEN THOUGH Vee was using every trick in the book to prove to me that I DID NOT WANT TO CANCEL OUT ALL LIGHT, I still forced us to get these. WRONGLY.)
  • some sort of window treatments (again, too much dumb-curtaining in this house made me strip off all curtains. I need something, but not a "pouf" of fabric at the top. Any suggestions?)
  • new rugs (corny and GRODY old ones from Target currently grace our bedsides. Ugh.)
"Wait, wait!" I can hear you saying to yourself, "Didn't they get a futon too?"

You want to see a pic of that thing?


(this is not an art installation; this is the frustrated state we left the futon in once we realized we needed new bolts)

Vee is harassing the shit out of the furniture people and threatening to charge them for the "five dollars" worth of new bolts we're going to have to buy. I DON'T CARE, I JUST WANT IT DONE!

To get out of our house today, the Kiddo and I hied our way to the zoo again, and we got to see the giraffes, a brown bear, the sea lions, and a baby penguin waddling around on the main area, supervised by a zoo employee. Why the zoo again? Here's a hint--this is our thermostat. AT 7:30PM (and NO, I did not turn it on at all today! Such an accusation!)

Seriously. It was 70 and sunny all day. Beautiful. We met Vee after work and walked across The Bridge of Unity (spanning our state and our neighboring state). I tried to make Vee play the "Which side of the bridge did these people originate from?" game, but he wanted no part of my social judgment.

Oh yeah--and my new Beco arrived today! We can return the old one to the girl I have been borrowing it from, and next time you see a pic of Kiddokabiddo strapped in, she'll be strapped into THIS:


Grace said...

I'm diggin the bedroom set...and I actually think it looks nice with the paint color. Mossy green might be too harsh with the wood color...and pink might be a regret. But that's just this girl...stuck with apt white. The decals are really cool. I'm into the tree.

I can't wait to sleep on the futon with paid-for-bolts!

E. Langley said...

Go with the pink. Kev should get down with that. If I had a bedroom that I could paint, I would totally go for pinks and purples and all them girly ones. Something about them makes me really sleepy. Current bed comforter? Light purple. Pillowcase? Light yellow. Bedsheet? Dark magenta. Bathroom towel? Pink with orange and dark pink flowers.
Yet all my clothes are dark blues and greys and browns.
What am I trying to say?