Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Places I Have Been: Fo Fo

Another beautiful day outside, so Kiddo and I got out and enjoyed it! Today's sunscreen adventure was to a little place we call Fo Fo.

Fo Fo is a privately owned park on the bluffs at the edge of town; a year long membership only costs $50. I know, you're thinking, "SHE PAYS $50 TO GO TO A FREAKING PARK?" Let me explain why this actually rules.

  • It keeps the riffraff out. RIFFRAFF WILL NOT PAY $7 A DAY/$50 A YEAR TO GET IN AND HARASS YOU
  • There is a big long boardwalk that goes for a whole mile, so when it's muddy out, you can still walk around (and when it's NOT muddy, there are miles and miles of trails)
Vee and I have been going here since we first lived in our town, and we looooooove it. I got mad cravings for Fo Fo when we were living in Michigan. The prairie wind whips around when you get up on the top of the bluffs and YOU FEEL VERY LEWIS-AND-CLARKY.

Kiddo's first excursion out of the house was to Fo Fo.

I can't believe I seriously just showed you that picture. I was like twelve days post-delivery. (AND I TOO WAS A STROLLER PUSHER! Don't let my proselytizing make you think I always saw the light)

Anyway, Fo Fo is near and dear to my heart, so I was thrilled to meet up with a couple of moms from my babywearing board and show them the joys of Fo Fo this afternoon. We did a couple of laps and then hung out at the very same picnic table pictured below and nursed our kidlets.

(Kiddo was four months old in this pic)

I love being with like-minded moms. As I was tonight, since it was La Leche night! Vee "puttered around like an old man" while we were gone and organized the garage.

Where are your favorite places to go when you want to get outside and don't want to walk around a confusing "outdoor mall"?


Grace said...

That park is well worth it - we've had some good ladeez times there...I'm glad Kiddo is getting a taste of Fo Fo early in life.

When I need to get away from the lab (= everyday), I go for a walk to the Stanford Mausoleum/Stanford Cactus Garden. If we're venturing out, I always enjoy the Muir Woods...and of course if we're REALLY venturing out Yosemite takes the cake.

kristine said...

GOSH I wish I lived in SF. For the fifth time since lusting after that apartment kitchen.


Grace said...

I can't wait until you & the fam can come visit...we'll go on lots of wonderful hikes