Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Encounter: Dermatologist DUH

Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday; I've been having problems with my Google Analytics and was working with that over the evening.


I had to run Kiddokabiddo out to a DERMATOLOGIST yesterday to have her little skin rash checked out. A dermatologist! I'VE never even been to a dermatologist! Vee has, but every time he went as a teen, they removed another "pre-cancerous" mole and gave him a 4" long scar. He looks very tough now.

SO: to the dermatologist we went! Within 30 seconds of the derm entering the room, she murmured to the nurse, "Bring the atopic dermatitis information," which made me almost cringe since, yes, my fear was confirmed: IT WAS JUST BAD ECZEMA.

We went to a dermatologist to find out my daughter has ECZEMA! DUH! Like the cartoon on the wall of the room astutely noted, "The internet already told me what's wrong with me; I'm just here for a second opinion."

So my little babe is getting steroid cream (STEROID CREAM!), special creamy body wash, and a ridiculously overpriced tub of fragrance-free cream that I am supposed to slather on her four times a day.

Combined with the topical antibiotic cream we tried two weeks ago and the oral antibiotic regimen we're finishing up this week, that makes three prescriptions in one month for the little one.


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Grace said...

Poor Kiddo!!! I didn't realize steroid creams were's really good that you guys have insurance.