Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Revel: BFF Y'ALL!

Hope y'all had a great weekend...ummm, we got SNOW on Sunday, but I had a great weekend anyway since My Best Friend was here visiting from NC!

My Best Friend is also Kiddokabiddo's godmother, so after she godmothered her a bit (reading books and getting her a promise ring and whatnot), we did WINE NIGHT OUT at this bougey wine store/wine bar. Except we had champagne. This is highly unlike me; I can count on one hand the number of nights I have drunk champagne (Shannon's 21st Birthday [OMFG], my wedding reception, when Vee got his graduate assistantship, and Friday night).


We also rented "My First Wedding" on Friday night. The tagline for the movie? "He's so NOT a priest!" And that kind of explains it all. Rachael Leigh Cook was in it. My Best Friend fell asleep during it and I didn't even bother to finish the movie because it was that dumb.

Vee made us eggs and waffles on Saturday morning, which made us discuss a very real phenomenon: when you dine out for breakfast/brunch, you have two choices.

You can order eggs/an egg dish, and you will feel inspired to be productive with the rest of your day.

You can order waffles/a sweet dish, and you will laze around for the remainder of the afternoon until ashamedly making a "grocery run" or some other excuse to get out of the house at 6:30pm.

We had BOTH, which left us VERY CONFLICTED! We lazed around until 1pm, and then we drove out west to look at the house that the people who owned our house before us "upgraded" to when they left. Yes, we found that information.

FAILURE CITY! They "upgraded" to a smaller house, on a smaller lot, with NO backyard, NO landscaping, and (we should have seen this coming) cheaped out on details (this was obviously new construction). THEY DIDN'T STAIN THE PILLARS ON THE FRONT PORCH! It looked HORRIBLE!

"But they stayed in a swanky school district! And got to pick out their upgrades!"

Ok, they did NOT upgrade, and I could have told you that after moving into this 18 year old house which we know for a FACT they lived in for EIGHT YEARS and still had a HEARTY collection of 1990 crap (which was when the house was BUILT) decorating decisions.

While we were in new construction hell, My Best Friend and Vee took the opportunity to tour a new construction model home while I nursed Kiddo. I joined them for the second one, and got ramrodded into a "What kind of house are you looking for?! How much are you willing to spend?!" conversation by a desperate real estate agent who, even after we told her we JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE IN 2008, apparently thought we were LOOKING TO SELL AND BUY A PIECE OF NO-PRIVACY SHIT ON THE EDGE OF TOWN.

Look, if I am ever looking to spend $350,000 on a house, I can guaran-damn-tee you that I will NOT BE BUYING SOMETHING WHERE THE MASTER WINDOW IS LITERALLY 6 FEET FROM THE EDGE OF THE PROPERTY (and where the house which hasn't yet been built will almost CERTAINLY have a window peering in).

My Best Friend and I ate dinner at an "upscale Tex-Mex restaurant" that night, and got seated out on the patio with literally ALL PRIVATE PARTIES AROUND US. There was a bridal shower behind us, a 60th birthday party to our right, a bachelorette party to our left, and to our far left...PROM! Apparently it is the IN THING now to wear a jacket over your prom dress that matches your date's suit jacket...except it OBVIOUSLY ISN'T SINCE HE IS WEARING HIS. Are we trying to convince our classmates that HE'S SO INTO ME HE GAVE ME HIS JACKET WHEN I SAID I WAS COLD?

We woke up to SNOW on Sunday morning (although NOT the 3-6 inch fear factor hell we had been led to expect by; oh,, you overdramatic whore, I can count on the "projected" weather to always be at least 20% less dire than you predict) and we gorged on a farmhouse breakfast (no, seriously, I had the New York Deli omelette, which has like 12 kinds of cheese in it) after "fighting" through the "ice." I made My Best Friend a rainbow chip birthday cake with rainbow chip frosting (the ONLY kind of cake) and we went to Palm Sunday Mass. And sat in the Cry Room since Kiddo was rowdy. And watched two rowdier kids use their palms as swords to duel.

After Facebook-spying on people we used to know, we were cashed out, and spent today lounging around the house and tracking down my bluster-blown trash can (it flew TWO WHOLE BLOCKS DOWN THE ROAD! Prairie wind, hear my call!) before I brought My Best Friend back to the airport.

Miss her already!


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I'm jealous already! Glad you ladies had a great time!

By the way, I'm all about the sweet/savory breakfast combo...way to rock it.