Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blog Party Music Week Wednesday

First, I know I promised double posts this week, and you're saying "Then WHERE'S THE DOUBLE POST FROM YESTERDAY, LIAR?"

Over at kristineonseventeen, y'all! It's the first of the month! (Wake up, wake up, wake up)

Today we're getting down to songs from or used in movies:

"Love" from Robin Hood:

I want to start crying hearing this again--it was the first "love sequence" in a movie that I didn't want to fast forward, but wanted to REWIND, over and over. I LOVE this song--I wanted to play it at my wedding. This Robin Hood was also my first crush. Yes, the fox.

"I Need a Hero" from Short Circuit 2:

GOD BLESS whoever actually uploaded THIS SCENE! Not kidding you, every time I heard this song on the radio and every time I DO hear this song, I ALWAYS picture this scene. After Robin Hood, I am pretty sure Johnny 5 was my second crush.


"Great Southern Land" from Young Einstein

Ok, I literally have tears in my eyes listening to this again, because I used to LOVE THIS SONG so much that I would rewind and rewind and replay this part from Young Einstein over and over again. It was so EPIC!

"I'm A-Runnin" from Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler

I'm revealing with this how much Disney Channel my siblings and I used to watch because if you've seen this movie, I'm amazed. This chase scene was SO AMAZING with this song and we used to replay it ad nauseum (almost as often as we would replay and act out Girls of Rock and Roll from the Chipmunk Adventure, but I'm getting off course). Anyway, it wasn't until YEARS (and we're talking like 2008) later that I remembered this song and looked it up on Youtube and realized THIS IS RUFUS WAINWRIGHT! THIS IS RUFUS WAINWRIGHT!

"The Rockafella Skank" from She's All That

OMFG! Literally like watching my fantasies about what high school dances "must be like" come to life. I love Usher's smooth dance-direction from behind the tables. If this is high school, let me go back! And dance with Freddie Prinze Jr!


Jackie said...

OMG I seriously can't wait to see your choices everyday, they are so freaking awesome. The dance scene in She's All That! Yes, I wished my high school dances were like that too. I'm coming over here first thing tomorrow to see your choices for guilty pleasure songs!

kristine said...

Thanks Jackie! Don't you like when Usher tells them to "split like the Red Sea"...uhhhhh, ok!

I love this blog week idea--thanks for coming up with it!

Anonymous said...

I love these too. And that fox was pretty, uh, foxy for a non-human. I don't think I even noticed for a long time that they were foxes!