Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'll try to be on time...

I can't even keep my own promises--it was another CRAZY DAY yesterday, topped off with Kiddo waking EVERY TWO HOURS overnight, so I am writing this on a minimum amount of sleep.


This date is notable for two main things:

1.) Kiddo is 11 months old, which is insane since it means I only have one more month before my baby becomes A YEARLING.

2.) It is THAT MAGICAL DAY OF THE YEAR when my brother and I email/call/surprise each other with the lyrics to "April 29" by the Rembrandts.

"Oh, you mean that band who sang the 'Friends' song?" I can hear your mind saying to itself, "Come on, did they actually put out an ALBUM?"

Yes, y'all, THEY DID.

Said album has a number of forgettable mid-90s-pop-ish songs on it, but UNFORGETTABLE is APRIL 29, a little ditty about a guy who gets out of the insane asylum on April 29th and is calling his partner to come pick him up.

You think I jest?

JUST CLICK HERE for the lyrical masterpiece; I wish to God they had a Youtube video, and as I threatened my brother, I had grand plans to create one to catch him this year. Unfortunately for me, since my brother is in South Korea, IT BECOMES APRIL 29TH ONE DAY EARLIER, so he busted me last night.

I don't know why we started the tradition; it began back when he was a freshman in high school and I was a senior and I thought it would be funny on April 29th when I drove us to school (in my Taurus; oh, my love for my old high school Taurus!) to start off our ride with that song. HOW APROPOS!

It evolved, as I left home for college, into us calling each other and nonchalantly reciting a lyric or two, like it was a normal part of the conversation.

"Hey Er"
"I'm so glad to see you; delighted that you came."
(internal: ? I didn't come visit you; I'm still at school...WAIT!)
"In a word, it's all arranged!"

Then the caller would sing "Unlock the door and THROW AWAY THE KEY! THE SUN IS SHINING (in this falsetto used by Rembrandt himself), WE'RE FINALLY FREE!" as the callee dissolved into giggles.

Look, it's really funny.

This day comes but once a year, and when it comes, it brings good cheer!


momtrina said...

so did it happen today???

Rando said...

Friends, baby!

While we're speaking of bands who got their start doing theme songs for tv shows... can you name any others? I can't. The Rembrandts are the only ones.

Sarah Von said...

THAT! Is a fantastic tradition.