Thursday, April 9, 2009


Life's been busy on our side of the river, having My Best Friend in town and then getting ourselves packed and ready to spend Easter with Gramma Goose, Grampa PhD, and AKA. I swear, I really am going to do a blog about the kitchen and bathroom renovations. The hold-up on the bathroom hinges on the arrival of some art I ordered for it.

Oh, ok, I'll show you the art at least.

CHECK THAT OUT! No, that's not my bathroom (a couch? a lamp? get real!) but THOSE BIRCH TREES WILL SOON BE LIVING ON MY BATHROOM WALL! We ordered this decal from Leen the Graphics Queen on etsy, and while we were at it, we also ordered the following decals for our hall & living room:



So, basically, we are going to have the coolest house ever. Permanently on our quest to de-mwomify it.

As Lent is winding down and our home parish started pumping up reminders for Confession (we're calling it RECONCILIATION these days; much more approachable, right?), I have to admit that I am feeling bad that I haven't done one since the night before my wedding. Over two years ago. I meant to go on Tuesday night after my haircut, but it didn't start until 7:30, and I had to get myself in front of a computer screen to work by 7pm. Last night, as I was driving home from my first yoga class through the local community college (not my first yoga class EVER, which is FORTUNATE since the instructor basically assumed everyone knew proper poses for Down Dog, etc.), I passed by a Catholic church with its Lenten reconciliation services posted...and one was occurring at that very moment. I almost turned into the driveway and just got 'er done, but I had to get home and, again, get to work.

Which made me think: what's more important, working on my PAID EMPLOYMENT or working on my SOUL?

(Note: that is a hypothetical question designed to alleviate some guilt while drawing out some more. Obviously, if I am being paid by my employer to be working during X hours, I better BE there and be working. Conversely, there is nothing more important than cleaning one's soul and no excuses to the Lord at the end of it all by muttering, "Sorry, dog, I was working. You know. At my job. Ahem.")

Anyway, tomorrow is Good Friday, and it will be a Good Friday for me since my mom, sister, and I are "going to tea" to have lady-girl-bonding-time. My extended family is coming over to my parents' house on Saturday for dinner, then on Sunday morning it's Easter service, then Vee, Kiddo, and I are back on the road, back home to our house where, coincidentally, the Easter Bunny will have arrived for the first time in Kiddo's life.

Have a great Easter and End-of-Lent, y'all!

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