Thursday, January 22, 2009

Socks (Not the Clintons' White House Cat)

I have a hard time spending money on new socks.

I just need to get that out there, because I might stupefy myself sometimes and pretend I'm getting a good "deal" on a 5/$25 sale at Victoria's Secret on new underwear (AS IF THAT IS A SALE PRICE? Has anyone ever ACTUALLY paid $7.50 for a new pair of cotton undies?), but I will not buy myself new socks. I have stolen socks from my mom and my sister when I'm home visiting in order to replenish my supply, but I do not buy new socks.

Where do you even BUY socks? Vee gets his from this shady bodega on 24th Street (and I say "gets his" even though HE BOUGHT SOCKS THERE 3 YEARS AGO because that's the last time he bought socks either. I bought him socks with a $25 Eddie Bauer gift certificate that he had received for GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL and had been lost for 7 years, but I digress). I am not shady-bodega-bound.

I think the last time I got new socks (other than Christmas--thanks for the extra floofy wear-around-the-house socks!) was in college. Five years ago. And I think I bought them from American Eagle at an after-Christmas sale.

Do socks just LAST longer, or am I missing something? It seems ridiculous to say this, but I think MY SOCKS ARE OUT OF STYLE, and that's the only thing that's bugging me. You know, like with corny stripes on them. Ok, and with threadbare holes on the balls of the feet (haven't worn through yet!). And nine years worth of stomping-through-puddles-and-snow-melt-getting-inside-my-shoes odor. Yick.

Will spring get here already?

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grammagoose said...

so that's why i need to buy so many socks - you kiped them!