Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 at 26!

Today's blog's going to be a bit of a bummer if you got linked here off of my Facebook, but for those of you who aren't my friends yet, enjoy 25 THINGS ABOUT ME!

1. My hair color has been “Spiced Tea” by Clairol Natural Instincts for over ten years.
2. I’ve lived in six different states (IN, OR, NC, IA, NE, MI), two of them twice.
3. I have over ten fillings in my teeth, almost all of which were installed during high school (thanks, Sprite + Winterfresh!).
4. I had a completely natural and intervention-free childbirth with my daughter.
5. I work from home.
6. I have been out of the country five times in my life: twice across the Montana/Alberta border, once to Toronto, once to Montreal, and once across the Arizona/Mexico border.
7. I have been the editor-in-chief of two lit journals: Tales From the Southside in high school and earthwords in college.
8. I taught myself to read at 3 years old, and was writing at 3.5. So the story goes.
9. While my name has often been mispronounced as “Kristin,” “Kristina,” and occasionally shortened through no invitation of my own to “Kris,” no one has ever mistakenly called me “Kristi.”
10. My grandma named all five of her kids names starting with the letter “K” and my mom named both of her daughters names that started with the letter “K.” I named my daughter a “K” name, but the buck stops there.
11. I think to be a Catholic is to be a Democrat. Which is why I’m both.
12. I worked in a t-shirt shop at Glacier National Park in Montana for four weeks when I was 18. I came home early because I saw a bear.
13. I do all the laundry in our house, but my husband folds all of it.
14. My husband does all of the cooking in our house, but I do all of the baking.
15. Both sides of my family are cancer-free. But everyone on both sides has late-onset diabetes.
16. I was sixteen when I had my first kiss.
17. I didn’t drink coffee AT ALL until one morning at Village Inn in early spring 2001. I put three creamers and two sugars in my cup.
18. I call my brother, or he calls me, every April 29th and we sing the first few lines of “April 29” by the Rembrandts to each other. We’ve been doing this since 1999.
19. I applied for National Honor Society during the first half of my junior year of high school and was rejected. As I won two statewide writing contests, ran in the state track meet, was vice-president of Latin Club, and became a National Merit Finalist throughout that year, I was asked to apply again during my senior year. I rejected on the premise that THEY HADN’T SEEN MY POTENTIAL. Wow. I really showed them!
20. When I was in third grade, I wanted to be an archaeologist, a rock star, an Ultimate Speller, or a model. An Ultimate Speller, in case you were wondering, was kind of like a human dictionary. Except people would pay me for my services.
21. I blog. (see my profile)
22. I became a hypochondriac after my still-unexplained chest pain started in May 2005. I swear I never thought once about the way my body functioned before.
23. I met my best friend in biology class on the second day of freshman year of high school.
24. I met my husband at my 5th annual Cheese Party.
25. I met my daughter four weeks and one day before her due date. SHE DECIDED IT WAS TIME TO MEET ME, and came barreling out, healthy as hell and full-grown.

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Rando said...

1. I always think my hair is dark dark brown but it is really just plain brown. I think of it as dark dark brown because I only look at my hair when I am looking in the mirror after a shower when I am shaving and brushing my teeth.
2. I’ve lived in three different states (IA, NE, MI), two of them twice.
3. I have two fillings in my teeth. Both front teeth. Skateboarding accident, age 8.
4. I have had eight jobs in five years: Red Cross phone caller, bartender, data theif, Adult Basic Ed instructor, business editor, communications assistant, communication consultant, direct mail coordinator.
5. I work downtown.
6. I have been to Europe two times: Italy '97, Germany '98, Germany/Italy '01.
7. I have written for two zines: VOICE of the new city (comic strip), Venison Chile (horrible poem).
8. I taught myself to play harmonica at 14.
9. I was nicknamed "Mahi Mahi" by an heir to the M1ller b33r throne.
10. My grandma's nickname for me was "zaba," which is polish for frog.
11. I tell everyone I identify as an Independent, but I always vote democrat.
12. I worked as a janitor at N0rthern M1chig@n Un1ver$ity when I was 19. In Marquette, Mich.
13. My wife does the laundry, I fold it.
14. I generally enjoy my own cooking more than restaurant food nowadays.
15. I write songs but I would prefer other people perform them.
16. I was fourteen when I had my first kiss.
17. I used to drink decaf instant coffee when I was a kid.
18. My brother likes to text me when he is "blackout."
19. I joined the National Thespian Society during the second half of my senior year of high school and it was dumb. It was a glorified magazine subscription.
20. When I was in third grade, I wanted to be a radio DJ. I still do, but I'm not going to change careers b/c the hours are horrible and the pay is worse.
21. I get drunk after one beer.
22. I get a headache and symptoms of dehydration after half a beer.
23. My best friend employs me as a freelance illustrator and I am grateful for this.
24. I met my wife in her crazily decorated dorm room in Curri3r Hall on the banks of the Iowa River.
25. I met my daughter four weeks and one day before her due date. She grabbed my finger before I could even get my hands around her.