Monday, January 19, 2009

Recession + Old Navy = Unparalleled Satisfaction

First off, Happy MLKJ Day to you! Vee and I don't get the day off, but we're celebrating in our hearts.

Well, since I was unable to accomplish ANY OF THE 3 THINGS ON MY FRIDAY LIST, Kiddokabiddo and I dadnapped Vee and went on A Bougie Friday Evening Out. We had a recession coupon for $10 off at Texas Roadhouse, so Vee and I ate large slabs of beef while Kiddokabiddo happily crowed in her carseat and ate the homemade peas we packed for her. I then brought Vee to the movie multiplex to watch NOTORIOUS, the fulfillment of two years of dreams.

While he movied, I took the Kiddo shopping, and oh, what Depression-era prices were to be found!

We went to Old Navy because I had seen a tip on a local board that I spy on--informing me that OLD NAVY WAS HAVING 50% OFF THEIR CLEARANCE PRICES! Starting that day! If you've been to Old Navy recently, you would know that THEY ARE ALREADY DESPERATE and the clearance prices alone are ridiculous.

I was wearing Kiddokabiddo in the wrap, and yanking clothing off the stuffed-to-the-gills racks. It was amazing! There was only one other mom there with me, and we were doing the polite shuffle-aside for each other and everything. I went over to the women's side and found a shirt I wanted to try on, so I brought Kiddokabiddo into the dressing room with me and hemmed and hawed over the prices (and then realized that I would never regret these purchases, but I would always regret NOT purchasing them. That is the true test when shopping, y'all. I can recall WITH LIGHTNING SPEED and POIGNANT CLARITY the red plaid pants I didn't get from Delia*s, but that's a story for another day).

I came back out, and THERE WAS A CAVALCADE OF SUBURBAN MOMS LIONESSING AROUND THE KIDS RACKS, sniping in between each other's arms to swipe an item. In a mere 15 minutes since I SWEPT THE RACKS, the mwoms had descended and were batting their children away from their legs and using their carts (did you REALIZE Old Navy had carts? I didn't! People buy enough stuff to warrant CARTS!) as "polite" battering rams to keep other mwoms off their territory until they'd gotten their fill.

I skipped up to the check-out line and gleefully remembered that MY GAP BRAND SELF had recently obtained a $10 rewards certificate. Are you ready for a Recession Miracle?


Yes, y'all, you are reading that receipt correctly. $5.81 for all of the items pictured above (3 dresses, two shirts, and one hoodie, PLUS the not-pictured aforementioned t-shirt for me). That parses out to ~$0.70 per item. You do realize, of course, that it would have cost me more to buy these items USED. In 1982. I'm telling you--my mom would be SO proud of me if she saw what her Little Bargain Hunter brought home on Friday night. Without even needing to do Black Friday-style battle!

Recession, yes. But if you've got the spare $, it's going to be a sweet couple years of deals!

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Rando said...

People travel to third world nations for deals like these