Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ready, aceti-spaghetti, GO!

I started this blog almost three months ago, and am posting for the first time now, because one of my New Years resolutions was to get my ass back into blogging. (For those of you reading my other blog, kristineonseventeen.blogspot.com, you will be delighted to learn that I'll be picking it back up again as well, starting in March.)

Having thoroughly depressed myself by hanging onto the hope that Myspace was ever going to make a resurgence (and humiliatingly having jumped ship to Facebook a solid five years after graduating, gulp, college), my bloghistory is now nil. No proof of my WILD YEARS BETWEEN DEGREE AND BABY!

So here I am: babied up, homeownered, and thrillfully living in the Midwest. And evading the inevitability of mwomdom.

Since this is the inaugural blog, I'll take a minute to define the rando vocab word "mwom."

Mwom: that roommate who fought it out with you about putting your socked feet on a futon pillow while sighing loudly as if SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO CARED ABOUT CLEANLINESS.
(not that anyone I know would do that)

Mwoming is inserting yourself into a situation and acting like the MOM when a mom-figure is not only not appreciated, but not needed. Being a mom MYSELF now who, uh, will need to act like it, I am actively fighting the stereotype of my life.

The MWOMY facts:
I am a married Catholic mother in my mid-20s
I have a 7 month old daughter
I live in a suburb of a Midwestern town
I own a house built in the '90s
I work from home

Will I turn into THAT NAGGING WIFE?

Will I ship my daughter off to an "academy" because I can't balance my workload and babyload? (Sidenote: Have you noticed the frightening daycare centers who call themselves "schools" or "academies" and post threats like "Now accepting six week olds?" BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF: we all know your six-week-old would be taking "classes" in things like "learning how to use a pacifier so Miss Linda can read Scruples in peace." But I digress.)

Can I argue for the sanctity of my CATHOLIC RIGHT TO "FREE WILL" without being excommunicated from both the Church and my liberal friends?

Will my husband and I successfully convert the early-'90s-ness of our house into the modern living quarters of our dreams?


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