Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sorry guys--I'm a little late getting this one out today. The Kiddokabiddo was rowdy all morning and afternoon, so I had to take her on a walk through the forest. We had beautiful weather here today (MID 40S + SUN!) so any opportunity to get out of the house IS A GOOD ONE.

Ahhh, yes--I was going to blog about Rome.

Vee and I recently ended our joint viewing of the series (and I am STILL SO pissed that it ended after 2 seasons. TWO SEASONS! Humiliating! And for WHAT?) and got to watch MY FAVORITE TWO EPISODES, the final two episodes: Antony + Cleopatra.

Besides the graphic sex scene with Octavian + Livia (seriously, it was like the makers of the show KNEW it was the end and were like "Hey, let's toss in THE MOST GRAPHIC SEX OF THE ENTIRE SERIES, which is definitely saying something since there were some PRETTY OBVIOUS Antony + Atia scenes), the Cleopatra and Antony scenes are WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION! I love them so much! I love how fraught with DECADENCE the deer-hunting scene is, I love seeing Antony with his Egyptian eyeliner, I love watching Cleopatra crawl up on dead Antony's lap.

One of my paralegal classmates, a girl who was one year younger than me and got married one month before me, turned me on to the series a year ago. And was TURNED ON by the series and had no qualms about sharing that fact with me, and anyone else waiting for Legal Writing II to start. Her accounts of "watching that episode with Octavia and Agrippa in the rented room--rowr!" leading to innuendo where her husband asked her "if she'd been watching Rome again" (BECAUSE OF THE VIOLENT LOVE-MAKING?) did not deter me from Netflixing the whole series and WATCHING OBSESSIVELY. And I don't mean WATCHING in "that" way.

I think I like the series so much because it reminds me of my Latin days back in high school, watching "I Claudius" for, like, five weeks EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE WAS ACTUALLY SLEEPING THROUGH IT AND STEPPE (our Latin teacher) KNEW IT. I wonder if we would have been able to squeak this one by her. My Latin class was BASICALLY just Roman history combined with occasional vocabulary memorization (and RANDOM "You need to decline this!" assignments that everyone failed, yet everyone got As and Bs in the class).

Anybody else watch Rome? Have any love-for-the-antiquated-past series you could recommend?


Angela said...

I LOVED ROME too and cried like a baby when Caesar (my favorite dude of all time) was murdered in the Senate. When I was in Rome, I actually had to take to moment alone to remember him.

Anywho, aside from the sex and nakedness, ROME did provide me with my favorite quote of all time:

Antony: "I'm not getting out of this bed until somebody f*cks me."

classic Rome

Angela said...

speaking of antiquated series, watch the Tudors. Not only is Jonathan Rhys Meyers especially dreamy, the whole series is dripping in intrigue. Rome for the Renaissance