Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Give It Up! I Am!

I'm smack-dab between the amazing Ladeez Wiikynd of Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon (wow, that looks a lot more like Ladeez Wiik--no wonder I'm still recuperating) and the upcoming Bach Bacchanalia in Savannah for My Best Friend, so to keep y'all on your toes, here it comes...

Are you ready?

The sweet peeps at allmodern.com, who've got AMAZING modern furniture like the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller (dude, I should totally have this to go in my office so that my thrift-shopped Herman Miller chairs can partner up with their kin) and lust-inducing housewares (like, oh, basically everything by DwellStudio), were kind enough to contact me and offer up a giveaway.

Right here!

You're thinking to yourself, "Ok, so what did she pick out?"

This coffee press by Pernille Vea!

It beats hell out of my cheapo coffee press, so I'm really jealous of y'all right about now.

Want to be brewing up your morning goods in this sweetie?


I know a lot of you have been hanging out, unwilling to offer your rebuttals on my insane Twilight lust or unable to comprehend why I pimped out actual pictures of myself karaoking during Blog Party Music Week, but you've got to STEP UP and MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN if you want a piece of that coffee press.

If you don't have a Blogger account, comment with a valid email address. Otherwise, BRING IT ON--one comment per person, but you can have a bonus entry if you comment with a story about a mwom or a dwad. DOUBLE bonus entry if you were the mwom/dwad in question.

I'm closing the entries at noon CST on Monday (July 20 09). So when I get back from Savannah, I'm random-picking a winner.

Don't be like Miley...


Jeremy Tinder said...

Did you hear about Michael Jackson?

Ben said...

I picked a cat because i knew i couldn't take care of a dog. Now 'i' has become 'we' and time may be there. I haven't read enough (sorry Kris, I just found out and haven't ever been much of a bloger [i always have been a self-apologist, though]) to know what a mwom or a dwad is, but i get glimpses sometimes of a wwwe. It's a strange sensation, because it's like i've suddenly got access to all these emotions and sensations i can't control and never expected. The wwwe is a four-eyed beast that can look at itself. And i suppose it's a beast that needs coffee. I will say this: it's much easier to get out of bed to make coffee for a wwwe than it is for a Ben. OH! and this wwwe's maternal father's australian cattle dog just had beautiful little australian cattle dog puppies: if the wwwe can handle it, she'll be named Elenor. Wwwe, Vincent, and Elenor.

Grace said...

Miley needs a little dance lesson from the LADEEZ!

Rando said...

Ben, my head hurts.

Lily said...

I will try to be more than just a lurker from here on out.

Emily said...

Did you see Taylor Swift performing your song on the awards this weekend? She even had a window. It was very Drive Me Crazy movie w/ Melissa Joan Hart. The whole song is actually.


Nathan said...

The big 2 7!

It's the big genius rocker death age. But I am no self destroying genius rocker and 27 already feels a more chill and relaxed age. Though - I think that's due to the summer sun, and the beach and something to do with relaxing last weekend but still... 27 is gonna be great! Drama-free is the way to be, although I am far from being a Mwom or a Dwad or hwome owner... I am 27 and I like it. And you're a mwom and I like that, too.

(did I mention I stayed up till 4 AM to watch the new Harry Potter...Yup, I'm running on some strong coffee and I'm procrastinating some hard work today - that's for sure.)

Anyhow, I forgot what I was getting at. Love the blog. And will comment more!

I have a website, too, Kris. But I am far worse at keeping up with it.

I may even update it one day soon. Yeesh!

Shawn said...

You had me sold with in-depth descriptions of home furnishings ... but then you added rabid Twilight Fwandom. I've always been here, but now I am here to stay.

Jackie said...

You know what is kinda embarrassing? I have always wanted a french press, but have no idea how they work. I just know they look super cool and have to do with coffee-so I'm there.