Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waiting Over Here For Life to Begin

I just poured myself a cup of coffee and I am sitting at the computer sniffing it like a maniac. I'm not going to drink it, of course--are you kidding? The raspberry pie I made last night gives me heartburn; I'm not ready for my cup of acid yet. Not while my stomach is squished up under my rib cage thanks to my expanded uterus. Dude, I have problems with acid reflux when I'm not pregnant. Def not about to do it now.

But I'm still sitting here, reenacting Easter 2007 when I gave up coffee for Lent and would pacify myself by MAKING A POT OF COFFEE and pouring a cup and SNIFF-DRINKING IT. I think there's a lot to be said for the smell of coffee more than the physical jolt. I missed holding a warm cup of coffee smell and I miss it still.

What do I look forward to more, drinking a glass of wine, or drinking a cup of coffee? Probably the wine, since the coffee will be more of a necessity once we've got two little girls in the house, needing diapers changed at 5am and not napping until noon-thirty.

Kiddo is setting up her stuffed puppy Violet at her little table and unloading her grocery cart, serving Violet wooden pizza, a carrot, half a lemon, and a cucumber. I am checking the public library website to see if there is a story time this morning. And most of all, I am paused in a period of waiting like I have never been before: never had to wait and anticipate, EVERY DAY, whether or not Newbie's ready to meet me today.


Grace said...

EEEE! Wow, this made me so excited!!! I just can't even imagine your anticipation. I'm sending good karma your way in hopes that everything goes smoothly in the next few weeks.

Grace said...

I'm dying to hear a blog about how things are now that the Life began!!