Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mi Vida

Another day, another ducat.

(All apologies to "Mi Vida Loca")

All my plants outside are coming to life, which is thrilling to a black-thumb like myself. I diss the previous owners of this house all the time, but I have to thank whoever it was that planted six kind tulip bulbs (three reddish pink, two dark purple, and one yellow) because I am harvesting them and bringing 'em in. Of course, the yellow tulip bulb washed underneath one of the faux-lilac bushes, so I had to bend the overgrown branches apart to pluck out the bloomed stem.

Always good to plot for erosion!

My black thumb is particularly proud of my REAL lilac bush, planted by my mom almost one solid year ago over Memorial Day weekend as my pregnant ass "supervised," because it is blooming its head off. Up at my parents' house, her lilac bush, carefully tended because it's a transplant from HER parents' house, didn't bloom for three years. AND MINE IS!

I am taking credit, but it has nothing to do with me.

Something that DOES have to do with me: in one short month, I am DECREASING TO HALF-TIME!

Another "I say 'Jump,' my employer asks 'How high?'" scenario, but really it comes down to the fact that I am not taking a reduction in my work load, just in the number of hours I am working. Which means no more scrambling to sit in front of the computer as soon as Kiddo goes down for her nap, only to find that there is nothing to do.

HALF-TIME! I am going from working 1.75x to 1.5x! 10 hours a week is a big deal!

I love my employer, and I love my baby. How did I get it so good?


Rando said...

I read it! Chill time awaits!

Emily said...

Do you still get paid this same, cause if so, that would roll! Which teacher is taking a pay cut and doesn't get her yearly step up pay increase because of the "economy"? This one.

kristine said...

Nope--my honesty is not a virtue when it comes to the university's budget deficit--decreased down to half-time pay, and NO RAISES FOR US EITHER!

Like my coworkers all say: AT LEAST WE HAVE A JOB!